When a suspected phishing email is reported using PhishHuk, the email is analyzed and a report generated in your PhishHuk and SOARDPhish dashboard. If an email is reported, but does not appear for analysis on your dashboard, it is possible that the SafeTitan URLs used for performing analysis may be blocked. By following the steps below, you'll report an email using PhishHuk, and then create two files for analysis by SafeTitan Customer Support — enabling them to troubleshoot the issue more efficiently.

  1. Log into Outlook Web Access (OWA) using Google Chrome and open the Console by pressing F12 on your keyboard.

  2. Before generating the two files, you'll need to clear the previous history.

    1. In the Console, select the Network tab and ensure Preserve log is selected.

    2. Then select the Clear icon to remove previous history from the Network.

    3. Go to the Console tab, and right-click in the panel and select Clear Console History.

  3. From within an email, select the three dots in the upper right corner, and then select PhishHuk from the dropdown menu.

  4. Next, you'll need to create a file of the network activity. Go to the Console, right-click and select Save all as HAR with content. This will save the file on your local machine.

  5. Then select the Console tab and right-click and select Save as.... The file will be saved as a .log file. Provide an appropriate name, such as YourPortalName-PhishHuk-console.log, which will also be saved to your local machine.

  6. Once you have these two files, you can attach them to a new or open ticket for SafeTitan Customer Support who will determine if the PhishHuk or SOARDPhish endpoints are being blocked at the client end.