The following videos will demonstrate how you can setup and manage your Phishing Campaigns from within your SafeTitan portal. 

Each of the short videos listed below are typically between 2 to 5 minutes in length, and should cover everything you need to know to get your campaigns up and running. 

How to:

  • Create a Simple Phishing Campaign

  • Create an Advanced Phishing Campaign

  • Create Expert Custom Phishing Campaigns

  • Review Phishing Campaigns

  • Create Custom Tokens
    Custom tokens can be used in your Phishing Email Templates / Training email templates to add company specific data of any kind to your Phishing Email Templates, adding authenticity.

    For example, you could add the names and titles of your organisation's CEO, CFO, IT Director, or Head of Finance etc as tokens on your portal. These tokens can then be added to your phishing emails to make them more convincing. 

    Where you later have a staff change and need to update the name of your CEO or other staff member, you simply edit the token and all Phishing Emails using that token are instantly updated.

    You can also create Custom Mock HyperlinksThese are clickable hyperlinks that you can add to your Phishing templates that appear to point at a specific website (such as either your own company site or any recognised / trusted website), but when clicked on go to a completely different URL / endpoint.

  • Create Custom Phishing Emails
    Make your Phishing emails more convincing by adding branding, images, logos, and fonts.

  • Create Custom Phishing Feedback Messages
    Customise the pop-up messages / learning moments you can choose to display to Phishing email recipients who click on a link or open an attachment

  • Create a Phishing Campaign with Reactive Training
    Create a Phishing campaign where all users who click on a link, open an attachment or otherwise trigger an action you deem dangerous to your organisation are automatically enrolled into a suitable Training Campaign to mitigate such behaviour.

  • How to Create Phishing C-Suite Metadata
    In order to create convincing simulated C-Suite Phishing emails, you can edit our default C-Suite tokens (such as CEO, COO etc) to match the names of individuals within your organisation. This works in much the same way as Creating Custom Tokens (above).

  • PhishHuk - report suspect emails within Outlook
    Report suspicious emails directly from within your Outlook client on desktop, phone or via Outlook webmail. This allows for a more integrated approach in responding to possible Phishing Emails. This video also details how to configure the plugin on your portal.

For more information on any of the above, or if you have a query - please submit a ticket