Under the Training Manager menu item you will be able to configure 2 types of Campaigns:

 > Policy - Here you will be able to upload your company policies under respective topics and assign these to users.

       Click HERE to see the document on doing this.

 > Training - Here you will be able to select from a range of topics and courses. These can be in any of the below formats:

  • Interactive
  • Video
  • Training Series (Purchase required)

Interactive Training Courses

Email Phishing Security AwarenessEmail Security
Email SecurityEmail Security
Email Security (No Timer)Email Security
Email Security (No Timer Spanish)Email Security
Cyber Security When Out Of the Office (available in multiple languages)Mobile Device Security
Mobile Device Security (available in multiple languages)       Mobile Device Security
Password Protection (available in multiple languages)         Authentication
Stay Safe Online Top Tips for Staff (National Cyber Security Centre Course)Web Security
Social Media Security  (available in multiple languages)          Web Security
Web Security (available in multiple languages)                Web Security
Introduction to PCI DSS  (available in multiple languages)   Data Protection
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (available in multiple languages)Data Protection
Data Protection (UK)                      Data Protection
Data Protection (Ireland) (inc GDPR)      Data Protection
Data Protection (US) (inc HIPAA) (available in multiple languages)   Data Protection
Data Protection (South Africa) (inc PoPI Act)Data Protection
Data Protection Act - KenyaData Protection
Secure Coding Part 1Secure Development
Secure Coding Part 2Secure Development
Secure Coding Part 3Secure Development
CEO Fraud / BECBusiness Email Compromise
Social Engineering Part 1Social Engineering
Social Engineering Part 2Social Engineering
Cyber AttackEmail Security
Stay Safe While Working From Home C-Suite Stay Safe Series
Stay Safe by Reporting Security Incidents C-Suite Stay Safe Series
Stay Safe With Strong Passwords C-Suite Stay Safe Series
Stay Safe From Whaling C-Suite Stay Safe Series

Video Training Courses

Phishing Video Training                      Email Security
Phishing Video Training (Arabic)                     Email Security
Think Twice                                  Email Security
Malicious Attachments Standards             Email Security
Spear Phishing Standards                     Email Security
Ransomeware (French)Email Security
Ransomeware (German)Email Security
Ransomeware (Italian)Email Security
Chain Mail Standards                         Social Engineering
Shoulder Surfing                             Social Engineering
Social Engineering                           Social Engineering
Tailgating                                   Social Engineering
Tailgating  (Arabic)                                  Social Engineering
Clean Desk                                   Social Engineering
Clean Desk (French)                          Social Engineering
Clean Desk (Spanish)                         Removable Media Security
Removable Media                              Removable Media Security
USB Drop Standards                           Mobile Device Security
WiFi Standards                               Authentication
Password Security Training                   Authentication
Password Handling                            Web Security
PopUps                                       Web Security
HTTP Standards                               Web Security
HTTP Standards (French)                      Web Security
HTTP Standards (Spanish)                     Wifi Security
Home Wifi Standards                          Data Protection
Print Outs Standards (Spanish)               Data Protection
Print Outs Standards (French)                Data Protection
Print Outs Standards                         Data Protection
Handling Confidential Data Standards Data Protection
Dumpster Diving Standards                    CEO Fraud
CEO Fraud - Business Email Compromise                 CEO Fraud
CEO Scam Standards                           Malware Awareness
Spyware                                      Malware Awareness
Computer Installs Standards                  Malware Awareness

Training Series (Additional Purchase required)

Drive ByeNinjio Season 1
Amber Ashyln 1 of 2Ninjio Season 1
Amber Ashyln 2 of 2Ninjio Season 1
Sunny PhishingNinjio Season 1
Turbine TwistNinjio Season 1
Hospital HijinksNinjio Season 1
The W2 HeistNinjio Season 1
CatfishingNinjio Season 1
The Wifi TrapNinjio Season 1
The Great Password BreachNinjio Season 1
Hack the VoteNinjio Season 1
The Wahoo WaterholeNinjio Season 1
Cyber Oil WarfareNinjio Season 2
The Homeless HomebuyerNinjio Season 2
Slippery Side LoadingNinjio Season 2
IoT Gone WildNinjio Season 2
The Ransomeware Pyramid SchemeNinjio Season 2
My Password is PasswordNinjio Season 2
156 AlarmsNinjio Season 2
Electro Sign of Things to ComeNinjio Season 2
Pension Plan TelescamNinjio Season 2
Beware Of The InsiderNinjio Season 2
Juice JackingNinjio Season 2
Mis-DeliveryNinjio Season 2
Phishing The StreamNinjio Season 3
Laid Off, Paid OffNinjio Season 3
Chicken or SmishNinjio Season 3
2Factor Fake OutNinjio Season 3
The Macro Trojan TakedownNinjio Season 3
Ransomeware Is EverywhereNinjio Season 3
Update Double TakeNinjio Season 3
Crypro Mine rPants On FireNinjio Season 3
Strawberry X ForeverNinjio Season 3
A Terminal MistakeNinjio Season 3
Data Loss By The LoggerNinjio Season 3
Your Page Is My PageNinjio Season 3
You Never CallNinjio Season 4
Cest La Vie ChamonixNinjio Season 4
Up, Upvote and AwayNinjio Season 4
Its Not What You ThinkNinjio Season 4
Say It Don’t Spray ItNinjio Season 4
Vacation DevistationNinjio Season 4
Blame GameNinjio Season 4
SMS SOSNinjio Season 4
USB NationNinjio Season 4