As an administrator, you can review the courses without having to assign a training campaign to yourself. 

Once you log into your portal, click onto the Dashboard button on the top right hand corner of your screen.


This will take you to the administrative side of the portal,

Here you can review the training under the Content Preview menu.

From here you will have three tabs for the the viewable content on your portal.

Phishing Templates

Here you will be able to select the scenario E.g. Business or Personal, next you will be able to select the template from the scenarios.


Phishing Forms

Here you will be able to select the page, the targets will get directed to after clicking on the link.

You may want this set as similar to your template.)

Training Videos and Interactive Courses

Here you will be able to select the topic of your choosing E.g. Email Security, Data Protection, Social Engineering.

Each category has its own default course but you can change this to be relevant to your campaign, 

Topic and Course Examples below:

Social Engineering - Shoulder Surfing
- Tailgating
 - Clean Desk
Data Protection - Handling confidential Data Standards
- General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
 - Introduction to PCI DSS

For a full list of available content Click Here