1. Logon to your Office 365 Security and Compliance portal.
  2. Click on the Threat Management [1] dropdown, then Policy [2] and finally click the Anti-Phishing [3] link under Policies (as below).

  3. Click on the Office 365 AntiPhish Default (Default) Rule

  4. On the following screen, click on Edit Protection Settings as below:

  5. Click on Manage 0 trusted sender(s) and domain(s)


    Note: There may be previously added senders or domains for your organisation, which would mean that the above link would not show a zero (0) value.

    Here you can add trusted / known email addresses and domains. 
    This will allow you to override the anti-phishing policy for added domains only.

  6. On the screen that follows the Sender tab will initially be highlighted. Ignore that and click on the Domain tab as below:

  7. Click the plus icon and we will then add each of the following domains listed below:

  • e-messsage.com
  • emesssages.com
  • e-citrix.com
  • ecompliants.com
  • e-compliants.com
  • e-faax.com
  • eonline-shopping.com
  • e-outlook-online.com
  • e-owa.com
  • evpnn.com
  • orders-processed.com
  • storage-limit.com
  • docusine.com
  • barclaysbanksonline.co.uk
  • it-admingroup.com
  • it-companyadmin.com
  • it-securegroup.com
  • it-securemail.com
  • bitliy.co

  1. When you click the plus icon, you will see the following screen. Enter the name of each domain one by one [1], and as you enter the domains they should appear as a clickable item [2] once they’re valid.

    Click on the domain name(s) [2] to then add as below:


  2. Do not hit the Add Domains button until all the domains are added:
  3. When all 21 domains have been added, click on the Add domains button.
    You will see a list of domains as below:

  4. Please ensure that you’ve added all the domains correctly. Click the Done button.

  5. You will then see that you’ve added the 21 domains, as below:

  6. Finally, click Save.