Trust-listing Cisco Ironport

Please follow the steps below to trust-list SafeTitan in Cisco Ironport.
1.      Logon to your Cisco Ironport admin console
2.      Click on the Mail Policies tab, then select HAT Overview.
3.      Please confirm that InboundMail lister is checked / selected.
4.      Click  WHITELIST, then click Add Sender.
5.      Please add the following two IP addresses one at a time: &
6.      Finally, click Submit and then Commit Changes.

Skipping Outbreak Filter Scanning

Ironport’s Outbreak Filter will still scan emails from our IPs. This may cause issues where emails sent from our system could be quarantined. In order to avoid this scenario, you should also ensure that our IPs bypass this filter.
To disable Outbreak Filter Scanning of emails sent from our IPs, please take the following steps.
1.       Go to your Cisco Ironport admin console.
2.       Click on the Mail Policies tab.
3.       In the Message Modification section, please enter our IP addresses into the Bypass Domain Scanning table. (Again, these are: &
4.       Click Submit 
5.       Click Commit Changes.