To prevent Symantec Endpoint blocking access to our Endpoint you must follow the below steps:


  1. Click on Policies button
  2. Under view Policies > Select Firewall
  3. Edit the existing Firewall Policy
  4. Click Rules
  5. Right Click Rule Number 2 and Select Add a Blank Rule
  6. Right Click on the Host Select Edit
  7. Under Specify host names or addresses of computers that trigger the rule Select : Local /Remote
  8. Under Remote Click Add Under Type Select DNS domain
  9. Under DNS Domain type the name of the Website (Repeat step 9 for each domain, including the"*.")

  10. Click OK and close the Host List Window
  11. Click OK and close the Firewall Policy Window
  12. If you do not wish to make the policy Global follow the below:
    • Assign the policy to the desired group