SafeTitan: Updates to SPF (Sender Policy Framework) Records

Purpose: To allow the sending of training, quiz, and Phishing emails from ''.

Should you wish to use your own domain(s) to send out Training campaigns, you will need to add our mail server IP addresses and sending domains to your SPF record per each specific domain(s).

[Step 1]

Should you wish to use your own domain(s) to send out Phishing campaigns, you will need to submit a ticket to our support to implement the domain(s).

[Step 2]


You will then also need to update your training from email options on your portal to use this new address.

[Step 3]


Instructions on how to do this follow below.


Step 1 - Updating the SPF Record 


Let’s say you own the domain

This is not a currently registered domain – we’re just using it as an example.


Where we do a lookup on this domain we might see that its’ SPF record contains the following information:


v=spf1 -all

You will just need to add in our two sending IP addresses* and domains* so that mails that come from our servers are not routinely dismissed.  So, we update the SPF record as follows.


Additional entries highlighted in red below:

v=spf1 ip4: ip4: -all

* The mail sending IP addressses and domains that are to be added per each domains’ SPF record are fully controlled by, and exclusive to,  SafeTitan / CyberRiskAware.

Step 2 - SPF Record updated – how do I update my Phishing sender addresses?

Contact our support team with the domain(s) you require. Once an Agent has been assigned to your ticket they will verify that the SPF records have been updated, and add the domain(s) to your portal.


Step 3 - SPF Record updated – how do I change my training send address?


From your portal click on:


Dashboard -> Configuration -> Training Settings and then change the Training from email and Training from display name to whatever is appropriate for your organisation, and once done, click the Save button at the top of the screen:

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Finally, we would recommend that you run a test campaign to verify that all works as expected before sending a campaign out to a larger group.