Trust-listing in Proofpoint

Trust-listing is an essential requirement for the successful implementation and usage of the SafeTitan Platform. All SafeTitan clients MUST trust-list our mail server(s) to allow the successful delivery of Mock Phishing and Training emails. This is a requirement for all mail service providers.


Trust-listing in SpamTitan is achieved by adding the SafeTitan IPs and domains.


Applying the following rules should allow SafeTitan’s simulated phishing emails to arrive in the target inboxes. Emails containing attachments should also be catered for based on these policies.

Trust-listing in Proofpoint Essentials

This information is based on Proofpoint’s own published support documentation. 
For more information see Proofpoint's documentation.

  1. Navigate to Security Settings > Email > Sender Lists.

  2. You will see that both lists are available on this page. On the top is the Blocked Sender List, and the bottom is the Safe Sender List
    Click on the Safe Senders List.

  3. To add addresses, domains (e.g., *, *@* or IP addresses to the list, type them in the text box and use a line, comma or semi-colon to separate entries.
    IP addresses may contain wildcards (e.g., 10.20.*.20, 10.*.*.*, 10.*.0.*) and CIDR notation (e.g., 

  4. Please add in the following Sending IP Addresses:

  5. Please add in the following domains:


  6. Click Save

  7. If you have any issues re emails with Attachments – please read the following Proofpoint support article.

Trust-listing in Proofpoint Enterprise

  1. Navigate to your Proofpoint Enterprise Admin console and click Email Protection.

  2. From the Spam Detection drop-down, select Organizational Safe List.

  3. Click the Add button.

  4. In the Proofpoint - Global Safe List popup dialog, enter the following information:

  • Filter Type: From the drop-down menu, select Sender Hostname.
  • Operator: Click on the drop-down menu and select Equals.
  • Value: In the field, enter the IP addresses listed below:

  • Click Save Changes.

Proofpoint’s URL Defense

Please ensure that you add our sending IP addresses to Proofpoint’s URL Defense. This is important as it will help avoid any issues with Proofpoint’s Targeted Attack Protection.

  1. Navigate to your Proofpoint Admin console and click Email Protection. 

  2. From the Targeted Attack Protection drop-down, select URL Defense.

  3. Click URL Rewrite Policies.

  4. Under the Exceptions section, enter the following two IP addresses:

  5. Click Save Changes.

Trust-listing By IP Address

  1. Navigate to your Proofpoint admin console, click on Email Firewall, then Rules.

  2. Under Rule Settings, please ensure that the radio button for Enable is set to On

  3. Please give your rule a meaningful name and summary detail, such as SafeTitan Trust-listing by IP Address [name] and SafeTitan Phishing Simulation Rules [summary]

  4. In the Conditions section you can Trust-list SafeTitan by IP address using the
    Add Condition button. You can find our IP addresses for phishing and training emails are as follows:

  5. Under Dispositions, please ensure that the Delivery Method from the default selection is set to Deliver Now.

  6. Finally, save your rule and allow some time for this new setting to propagate before testing. Generally 5-15 minutes should suffice but please note that it can take up to a few hours. 

Prevent Emails from Going to Spam

Should you find that your emails are either ending up in SPAM or being quarantined, you will need to add SafeTitan to the Organization Safe List in Proofpoint.

  1. From your Proofpoint admin console, navigate to Email Protection -> Spam Detection -> Organizational Safe List.
  2. Add either our domain names and / or IP addresses.

    IP Adresses:


Domain Names: