To help you manage the tasks related to customers, campaigns and reports, various icons are available which are located in the Actions column. For example, if you want to edit or delete a customer group, go to Customer Groups, and select either the Edit or Delete icon for that customer group:

The table below explains the functions of all the icons:




If you want to modify the details of current customers or customer groups, select this icon. The editable fields are:

  • Customers: Company Name and Max Seats (this is the Purchased User Count)

  • Customer Groups: Group Name; Description; Add customer(s)

  • Phishing Campaigns: Campaign Name and Description


The Delete function is available for Customers, Customer Groups, Phishing Campaigns, and Reports.

Customer Portal Login

Available in your current list of customers, the Customer Portal Login icon lets you log in as one of your customers.


You can select this icon in the Training and Reports sections to display more details.