By sending Training and Phishing Emails using Custom Exchange, Emails will be sent from the specified Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server using the provided credentials, allowing for Images in the emails to be displayed without prompting for download or the need to set up a group Policy.


  • Using Custom Exchange prevents our support team from being able to verify if emails were accurately sent to the recipients.

How To

  1. Contact our support team to request Custom Exchange Settings
  2. Navigate to Configuration > Training Settings
  3. Select Email Settings
  4. Turn on Use custom Exchange settings
  5. Populate the remaining items respectively
    Custom Exchange SMTPProvide the SMTP Server
    Custom Exchange SMTP UserProvide the SMTP Email Address
    Custom Exchange SMTP User AliasProvide the SMTP Display Name
    Custom Exchange SMTP PasswordProvide the Password for the above SMTP Email Address
  6. Click Test to ensure your Emails have arrived using the new configuration.