These instructions describe how to ensure the reliable delivery of phishing emails and training campaigns and include details on how you can add SafeTitan mail servers to your allowed/trust lists.


The SafeTitan mail server IPs are:, and

Just to ensure we are catering for your specific needs in terms of trust-listing and setup, can we ask you to respond to the following questions:

  • What email filtering system is currently in place?

    We ask this so that we forward the correct documentation on adding our servers to your allowed/trust lists. If we do not have the required email defense system listed in our documentation, please let us know and we will add it asap.

  • Do you use any email scanners that open emails or attachments? Or click on URLs before the user receives the email?

    If so, we will need to know what they are so we can configure the portal to ignore those results in the phishing campaigns.

  • Will all users (admins/end users) have an domain?

    Please advise if there are additional domains so that we can allow them to your portal before importing users.

  • Do you want to use an existing company domain or email address to send out notification emails for training campaigns?

    The From address for all training campaigns defaults to If you want to use your own domain, just update the SPF records for that specific domain with SafeTitan's IP addresses (, to ensure safe delivery.

    There may be other steps required, depending on the email defenses being, and once we know what these are, we can advise further.

  • How do you want to import users into your portal?

    During your trial period we recommend that you use the CSV bulk upload method.

    If you later progress to a full license, you have the option to integrate with your Active Directory. We currently support Azure, Okta, OnPrem and HR People Active Directory synchronization.