In this section you can configure how you want Phishing Emails to be delivered from the SafeTitan portal to your users' mailboxes.

  1. Go to Configuration and select Phishing Email Settings.

  2. Three email delivery options are available In the window that opens, indicated by three tabs, described below:


    The currently configured option displays at the top of the page beside Current Phishing Email Delivery.

    • Standard Email Delivery (default): If the portal is configured to the standard email delivery, then the checkbox is selected and disabled. If you select another email delivery option, then the checkbox becomes enabled.

    • Microsoft Graph API Delivery: Select this tab to enable Graph API Mail injection, and note that you must be the portal owner with Azure Admin privileges to do this. If Graph API was not selected during the set-up process, then it can be selected here. Select Sign in with Microsoft to connect your Azure tenant with the SafeTitan portal.

      Alternatively, if you want to use your own Application credentials, then select the Manual Azure Graph API Application section and fill in your credentials. Then click Save Graph API settings.

    • Custom Exchange Delivery: if you want to configure your credentials for your own private SMTP exchange, then you can do so in this tab. Add the details, and select Save Exchange Settings to configure the portal.


      It is recommended that you verify the credentials before saving them by selecting Test Exchange.