When phishing and training campaigns end, reports can be automatically generated to summarize the campaign results. As an MSP Admin, you can also schedule reports to run for specific periods, for example, on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. You can schedule two types of reports, depending on the data you want to review:

  • MSP Campaign Reports: These reports provide a summary of your customer campaigns for all your customers combined.

  • Customer Campaign Reports: This is a report specific to an individual customer and shows the results of their phishing and training campaigns.

Follow the steps below to schedule MSP Campaign Reports and Customer Campaign Reports:

  1. Go to Reports > Schedule Report.

  2. Add the name of the report in the Name field.

  3. In the Send To field, select the Plus icon to choose the report recipients, and then select Confirm.

  4. If you want to generate a report that summarizes your customer campaigns, select MSP Campaign Report in the Report Type field. If you want to run a report for a single customer that summarizes the results of its campaigns, select Customer Campaign Report.

  5. Select the frequency at which the report is run (default: Weekly):

    • Weekly: Run the report weekly each Sunday.

    • Monthly: Run the report monthly on the last day of the month.

    • Quarterly: Run the report quarterly on the last day of the quarter, that is, 31st March, 30th June, 30 September and 31st December.

    • Bi-Annually: Run the report be-annually, that is, 30th June and 31st December.

    • Annually: Run the report once a year on 31st December.

  6. In the Format field, choose whether the report is created in PDF or CSV format (default: PDF).

  7. Once you are satisfied that all fields are correct, click Submit to schedule the report.