You can follow the steps below if you want to promote an existing user with no admin permissions to an administrator.

  1. From your admin dashboard, go to User Manager > Organization Users.

  2. Search for the user by entering all or part of their email address in the Search field.

  3. Select the Edit SFT-Edit-Icon.jpg icon for that user. In the Edit User window that appears, toggle Yes in the Is Admin field.

  4. At the top of the screen, select Save User.

  5. Select Edit Roles and Permissions where you can assign a role, which is a group of permissions, or individual permissions.

    For example, the Training Manager Role includes Edit Training Campaigns Permission and View Training Campaigns Permission. The Phishing Manager Role is similar in that it contains the Edit Phishing Campaigns Permission and View Phishing Campaigns Permission. You might decide, though, that you only want the administrator to be able to view but not edit campaigns. Then you would just select View Training Campaigns Permission and View Phishing Campaigns Permission.

    • To assign a role, select Add Role. You can assign more than one role to an administrator, but you must do this one at a time, clicking Select each time.

    • To assign permissions, select Add Permission, and similarly, add permissions one at a time.