To raise a portal for a new client, you first need to generate a key in the Partner Key menu, then use that key to register for a new portal. This can be done by clicking on the key just generated, or by going to the Partner Signup page and entering the key here - along with other details requested about the new client.

When an organisation is given the privileges of being a Partner they will have access to the Partner Management menu below:

Partner Keys: Click Create Partner key (below) to generate a signup key to assign to a new client. Clicking on a key on this page automatically opens up the signup page with the key configured, where you can raise the request for the new clients portal.

Managed Organisationsthis displays basic statistics about all sub-organisations already setup on the portal.

Partner SignUp: This is a signup page where you can either Sign up a sub-organisation directly or direct others (your customer / client) to the URL to Sign up themselves.

Note: The admin email address you use must be unique - i.e. it cannot exist on any other portal

Note: If you are forwarding on the URL, you will also need to forward the key generated (shown in the form as Registration Code) - onto the new client.


After going through the four tabs entering information, your request for a new portal will be submitted and a welcome email will automatically be sent to the new client after approx 20 minutes.