This document details how to upload you custom content to the SafeTitan Portal

File types covered:

•    PDF, Word or PowerPoint Document for Policy Conversion

•    PowerPoint Slideshow for Training Conversion

•    Scorm Courses

•    PowerPoint Slideshow for Video Conversion

•    Video File

•    General Document

  • From the Dashboard, go to Training Manager (1) then Training Upload (2) menu as below. 

Note: You also have the ability to view your Upload Progress & History (3) which will display all previously uploaded files.

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Figure 1: Go to Training Manager -> Training Upload


Uploading your Content

On clicking the Training Upload (2link, you will be presented with the interface below. This interface displays a list of all content upload options available on the system, such as Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Video and SCORM files. 


Instructions are displayed as below:


Figure 2: Instructions Overview



On clicking the drop-down menu, you will be presented with the following options:

Figure 3: File upload types


  • When you have selected the desired Document Type below (e.g. PDF or Word Document as per the example below), you then select the Training Category.
  • Optionally you may also include some additional information or direction for SafeTitan pertinent to this upload. These are reviewed by our staff on upload
  • Please note that the name of the file uploaded will determine the name of the course displayed on the portal and to the end user. So if you upload a Word file for Policy conversion and the file is called “GDPR Update 2021.docx”, the course / Policy will be similarly named “GDPR Update 2021


When ready, click Select File, and choose the file you wish to upload. Then click the Upload button below.



Figure 4:  Select your preferred Training Category and add any 

Additional Information if required. Then click ‘Select File’, choose the file to upload and finally click ‘Upload’



You will then receive a popup message to let you know your upload has been successful:



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Figure 5:  Notification confirming successful file upload.



Once a file is uploaded successfully, an email notification and a support ticket will be raised to our support team who will verify that the upload completed as expected. 


Word documents for Policy Conversion do not need any involvement by the support team and will be uploaded to the Training Messages in a matter of minutes.


SCORM file conversions and PowerPoint Slideshows for conversion can take up to ten working days to convert and approve, as these need to be reviewed by our content team.


Note: Please ensure that all content is thoroughly vetted for errors before uploading, as Safe cannot edit any documents on behalf of our customers either before or after upload.  


So, to avoid unnecessary delays - particularly in the case of PowerPoint files for SCORM conversion - we advise that you:


•          Verify all uploaded content is correct and displays as expected

•          Spellcheck your content

•          Check that embedded images or video are of a high quality 

•          Ensure that all links to external websites work as expected

•          Ensure any email links work as expected


The below table gives a rough estimate of how long the rest of the categories are likely to take, but some may be longer depending on size and complexity of content to be uploaded. Where a file may take a little longer to complete, we will contact you to give you a more accurate idea of when it will be available on your portal.



Type of Upload


General Document

Up to 10 minutes

Scorm Course

10 working days

PowerPoint Slideshow for Training Conversion

10 working days

PowerPoint Slideshow for Video Conversion

10 working days


Figure 6: Estimated time for file available on portal



Tracking /Reviewing previous file uploads 


  • You can then track your upload(s) by selecting the Upload History menu
  • Click Training Manager (1) -> Upload Progress & History (2)


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Figure 7: How to view your previously uploaded content



  • Clicking on the above link will then display all your previously uploaded content to your portal