Can I change the name of a Quiz?



Yes, you can change the name of both System and User created Quizzes.

System created Quiz

Where you are attempting to change the Name of a System Quiz

  1.  Navigating to Quiz Manager > Quiz Definitions 
  2. click the Actions drop down on the quiz 
  3. click Clone 
  4. You will be prompted 'If you are Sure? Click Clone
  5. The Cloned quiz will now appear at the top of the Quiz Definitions List
    • For User Created quizzes you need only follow steps 6 > 10 
  6. click the Actions drop down on the quiz 
  7. click Edit
  8. On the Quiz Edit screen
  9. Click on the Definition name and you will be able to edit the text
  10. Click the Tick button once you have entered the new name.