Can I change the logo diplayed on the Users Training Page?



Yes, you can change the Logo displayed on the Users Training Page.

  1. Locate Chrome Manager on your Admin Menu (If you don't have this feature request this from Support) 
  2. Navigate to Chrome Manager > Edit Site Chrome
  3. Here you will be able to change the colors on the pages to Reflect your organisations Color scheme

ItemWhat it does?
Organisation NameThis will display the Organisation Name
Accent ColorThis will set the beginning Color for the Bar at the top of your portal
Accent End GradientThis will set the End Color for the Bar at the top of your portal
Icon BackgroundThis will set the background color for Portal Icons
Menu Color
This will set the Text color on the Left hand Menu(Admin)
Help Button ColorThis will set the color of the Help Button
Partner LogoThis will set the Login Logo and the Training Page Logo
Loading LogoThis will set the Logo Displayed on Loading screens