Can I create a customized quiz?



You can create your own customized quiz, using the Quiz Definitions section under Quiz Manager.


  1. Navigate to Quiz Manager> Quiz Definitions
  2. At the top of the screen click Create New Quiz Definition
  3. Follow the creation wizard prompts

Creation Wizard:

  1. Information Screen > Click Next
  2. Quiz Details, Set the following:
    • Quiz Type 
      • Standard - This quiz type is for questions only
      • Video - Displays a video before the quiz
    • Categories - Specify the categories your quiz should be in
    • Quiz Name* - Provide a name
    • Quiz Description - Provide a description
    • Seconds per question - Set the time a user will have to take each question
  3. Create Questions (Repeat a-d until all questions are populated) 
    1. Select the question type
      • Single Choice - A question with multiple choices, only 1 is correct
      • True/False - A question resulting in a True or False answer
      • Multiple Choice - A question with multiple choice, any of which is correct
    2. Enter the Question and Answers
    3. Select the correct Answer(s) and text to appear on screen
    4. Click Save Question
  4. Click Next
  5. Summary Click Submit