Follow the steps below to register an application within Microsoft Azure’s App Registration portal.

  1. To register the application in the Microsoft App Registration portal, navigate to your Azure portal .

  2. Open Azure Active Directory, by selecting it on the left in the Navigation pane, or here .

  3. Select App registrations > New registration.

  4. In the Register an application window that opens, complete the following sections:

    • Name: Enter SafeTitan.

    • Supported Account Types: Use the Default option, which is Accounts in this organizational directory only (

    • Redirect URL (optional): Note that entering information here is optional but a value is required for authentication purposes, and the Redirect URL can be changed later.


      When you enter your company's domain, it is prepended to, in effect making it the subdomain to

  5. From Authentication > Advanced Settings, select the checkbox for ID Tokens. This ensures that the ID Token is passed to the SafeTitan portal.

  6. Take note of the Application ID shown on the Overview screen as you will use this at a later stage.

  7. After you've completed the steps above, you'll need to create an application secret.