Cloning an Existing Quiz:

  1. Navigate to Quiz Manager > Quiz Definition
  2. Locate the quiz you want to clone
    • Using the search bar
    • Navigating through the pages
  3. Click Details to ensure it is the correct quiz
  4. Click the Dropdown under Actions
  5. From the Menu Select Clone
    • Clone - Allows you create a copy of quiz
  6. Once you click Clone, a prompt to confirm Clone will appear
  7. Now you have confirmed, search for _Clone in the search bar
  8. All Cloned quizzes will be on screen
  9. Click the dropdown arrow  under Actions on your Cloned quiz
  10. From the Menu click Edit, you will now be able to modify the following aspects.
Changes you can make:  
  • Definition Name: Click the current name to begin editing, once done click the check mark
  • Description: Click the current description to begin editing, once done click the check mark 
  • Categories: This is the categories you quiz will appear under
  • Question Seconds: Setting this to 0 removes the timer from the question, otherwise you will be setting the number of seconds a user has to answer the question.
  • Question & Answers: Click the Dropdown on the question and click Edit, You can also delete question you don't require.